March 08, 2009

Valentine's Day


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Hi All!
I know it's been a long time since I've done an update and there's really been no excuse, except that I never got around to it.

Since I last posted I've had a couple of trips away from Gordonvale. The first in December, was to Brook's graduation ceremony from basic training in the Royal Australian Navy. I stayed with my eldest daughter Jacqui and her daughter Kate. It was lovely to have time with them and we went to the ceremony together. I might add that Brook paid for my flight as an early Christmas gift and it was lovely to be able to be there. Rob stayed home to look after the hounds. I know he would have loved to have been there too. I also managed to see my daughter Gemma and granddaughter Christine when Jacqui was driving me to the airport. I had seen Gemma (Brook's mother) at the Graduation, but Christine couldn't be there as she's only 5 and it would have been too late a night for her.

Shortly after I returned home, Brook rang to say that she had leave over Christmas and that she would be arriving on Sunday 21st Dec. I had the house all ready for her visit on Friday 19th. I'm glad I did, because at about 6pm that evening, the front screen door opened and in stepped this sailor in dress whites! Her first words were "What's for dinner Nan?" I sat there with my mouth open for at least a minute. To make me speechless is some achievement!
We had a lovely Christmas with the family and the two weeks went way too fast. I hated putting her on the plane back to Melbourne to start her training as an Electronics Technician.

Since then we've had regular phonecalls and updates on her progress. She's doing extremely well and has actually had a letter of commendation sent to the Commanding Officer of HMAS Cerberus with special note on her leadership qualities.

On January 9th, Deena, David, Karl, Jodie, the two little boys and myself, flew to Brisbane en route to the Gold Coast. It was Amanda, my eldest granddaughter's 21st birthday. Again, poor Rob stayed home to dog sit. We stayed in a really lovely resort at Palm Beach. The party was on Saturday the 10th. All went smoothly and over the 4 days we were there, I got to see quite a bit of my 2 granddaughters Amanda and 16yr old Elyse. I hadn't seen them for 10yrs and it was great to catch up. A good time was had by all. I even got to go shopping with my grandson Rhys who had flown in from Melbourne!

On the Monday, Deen and David drove the rest of us to the airport and then they went to David's parents place in Brisbane. After that they went on holiday to Tasmania and then Victoria - they had some nice quality time with Rhys while they were there too. Just after they returned home the weather went to hell! We had torrents of rain and, if they had been a day later, they wouldn't have got through the roads.

It's been a bad year weatherwise, not only here in Queensland. We still have small towns in the Gulf region, that have been isolated for over 2 months by floodwaters. Things are pretty desperate when saltwater crocodiles are swimming up the the front door! Then of course, there's been the devestating bushfires in Victoria...I think everyone, including my friends overseas, have seen what's happened there. Just to add to the 'fun', Friday night the world really moved for Melbourne, Broome and Beacon (the last 2 are in Western Australia) with earthquakes giving them a bit of a shake up. Fortunately there's been no damage reported, but it's unusual for three quakes, all 4.6 on the richter scale, to take place at the same time. Makes you wonder what's going on.

As you can see from the picture and article (see link) Rob and I were the subjects for the Valentine's Day issue of the Cairns Sun. We've had nothing but positive reactions to it. Most people thought it was lovely to actually read a 'good news' story for a change. For once it's actually a decent pic of us. The page links may take a little while to open, so be patient please.

Last week was 'different' to say the very least! I somehow found myself on a Jury for three days. Not only that, I got the job of 'speaker' for the panel. I still have one week of Jury service left and I could be selected again...but I hope I'm not! I must say I was lucky enough to be on a panel with a bunch of very good and reasonable people, which made the experience a lot better than it could have been.

Friday was one of those days. We had cyclone Hamish moving down the coast past Cairns. It's Sunday now and it's still gathering force and moving further south. I think everyone is holding their breath that it's going to peter out and not do any real damage. Queenslanders don't need another Cyclone Larry which hit just south of this general area on March 20th 2006.

Gotta love living in the Tropics!

Anyway, time to finish and do something else.
Catch you all later!


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