December 10, 2009


G'day all!
Apologies for months of silence from moi. Actually I was very busy (still am) but really didn't have anything to say. That's amazing for me, but strangely true.

In July, Rob and I became involved in politics. For the sake of harmony here, I'm not going to mention which party. We've put in a lot of time and effort and are both office bearers in our local SEC. We've made some wonderful friends and met some complete arseholes...if you'll pardon my explicit language. In many cases, the higher up the food chain, the worse they are, especially those who are on the executives. Machiavelli could take lessons from some of these creatures.

One thing about becoming mixed up in this sort of organisation, suddenly you find yourself with a social life!
It made the fact that I've lost a heap of weight this year, all the more important. Nice to look good in clothes for a change. One of my daughters lost a massive 25kgs too and looks amazing.

Just when everything was going beautifully, I developed a problem - probably brought on by an highly increased exercise programme - which saw me hospitalized for major surgery on November 16th. Convalescence is approx. 8 wks. Unfortunately I've developed some nerve damage, which will hopefully right itself, but it's meant that I'm on a rather nasty anti-convulsant drug which also works on the neuropathic system too. Now I'm just learning to live with the pain. General medical concensus is that it should fade with a little more time. I hope so, because not being able to exercise is really giving me the pip!

Enough of whinges. I've started putting together a Cookery Book which I hope to be able to send to rellies and friends by Christmas. I have the cover art, intro, foreword and a section on sauces and dressings finished. The title...and don't anyone breathe a 'THERE'S A PARTY IN YOUR PANTRY!" In my mind cooking is a Celebration, so hence the it's a little bit risque.

The furkids are fine and dandy. Earlier in the year, Ziggy developed an aural haematoma and had to have an op. Nearly $600 later he's still got a droopy ear, but no swelling or pain. Thanks to Gemma for chipping in with some $$$. We seem to be having a flea plague at the moment and it's costing heaps fighting that.

The vege patch wasn't really productive this year...either no rain and tight water restrictions or too much rain at the wrong time. Glad I'm not a farmer! Still, we did manage to harvest quite a lot of our efforts, so it wasn't a waste of time.

Rob's Aunt Heather came over to Australia from the UK in October. She spent most of her stay with Rob's dad Ian, in Sydney, but they did fly to Cairns for 4 days and visited our place for the first time. Ian was actually quite nice to me for a change and it made for a nice visit. Rob and Ian seem to have finally reached a reasonably good relationship. Ian went to HongKong in November and has just returned with his girlfriend Shu. We are waiting for him to tell us that they are getting married. Maybe they will be like us and tell us after the event has happened. We are so pleased to think that Ian is happy.

Brook (granddaughter in the Navy) has finished all her exams and will be posted to HMAS Stirling in Western Australia, early next year. I know she's itching to get to sea. She will be home, here in Cairns, just after Christmas and will be spending a few weeks with us. I know we are all looking forward to it. We will also be celebrating her 21st Birthday while she is here. Look out DFO and nightclubs - Brook's in town!

Anyway, time to get back to the Cook Book - I'll drop in again soon to give you all an update.



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